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    Macadamia Processing Company Acquires Pacific Gold Macadamias

    March 26, 2019

    The Macadamia Processing Company’s shareholders have approved the acquisition of Pacific Gold Macadamias Pty Ltd taking full control of the Bundaberg based processing facility and the world’s largest macadamia marketing company, Macadamia Marketing International. This acquisition consolidates the Lismore-based company as the world’s largest macadamia processor and ensures it is well positioned to lead the […]

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    A Decade of Price Increases

    December 21, 2017

    A Decade of NIS bonus payments was announced by Chairman Chris Ford at the Christmas party on Friday night with an additional $0.30/kg payment to be made for all deliveries for the 2017 season. This brings the final prices for 2017 to: $5.50kg for conventional NIS $6.80/kg for Organic NIS $5.80/kg for Organic-in-Conversion NIS All […]

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    MPC and Buderim Group Limited reach a deal on Agrimac Macadamias

    December 12, 2017

    The Macadamia Processing Company Ltd (MPC), Australia’s largest macadamia processor has reached an agreement with Buderim Group Limited for the purchase of Agrimac Macadamias plant and equipment and brands. MPC chairman Chris Ford said “This agreement provides a very positive outcome for all stakeholders. Growers are assured of ongoing industry leading returns for their crop, […]

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    Macadamia growers get increased $3.3m bonus for last year’s crop

    March 3, 2017

    The good news continues for macadamia growers, with the Macadamia Processing Company (MPC) at Alphadale today announcing it will pay an increased $0.30/kg nut-in-shell (NIS) bonus to growers who supplied in 2016. This brings the final 2016 price to a record high of $5.50/kg. MPC General Manager Steven Lee said today the $0.20/kg NIS bonus […]

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    MPC installs world-first food safety technology

    March 8, 2016

    The clean, green and safe reputation of Australian macadamia nuts has been further enhanced with the installation of a new $1.7 million pasteuriser at Australia’s largest macadamia processing factory near Lismore. Macadamia Processing Company at Alphadale recently installed the industry-leading food safety technology from Europe to ensure consumers have the best tasting macadamia experience that […]

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    Revised 2015 Price Offer

    June 7, 2015

    MPC is pleased to announce that we continue to meet our sales targets and based on current financial projections are able to distribute some of the company profits back to our growers with an increase in the notional price for conventional NIS to $4.70/kg at 33% Sound Kernel Recovery. The increase of $0.30/kg will apply […]

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    Using Shell to Dry Macadamia Crop

    May 28, 2015

    In 2014 MPC completed extensive upgrades to its drying capabilities. The upgrade started in 2013 with modifications being made to the existing final stage drying room, where the nuts are dried down in preparation for cracking. This was followed by the construction of a new energy-efficient drying building with capacity to store and dry 1,600t […]

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    2015 Pricing Offer

    May 19, 2015

    Another harvest is upon us and the outlook for the 2015 season is good with growers in all regions reporting reasonable crops. The fall in the Australian dollar, the strong demand in kernel markets and the ongoing demand for NIS from China are combining to deliver outstanding prices to growers. The demand for all tree […]

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    Aussie champions protect macadamia industry future

    March 10, 2015

    The Macadamia Processing Company Ltd in Alphadale, in conjunction with its partner companies Pacific Gold Macadamias and Macadamia Marketing International is helping to protect the future viability of the Australian macadamia industry by making a significant donation to fund the conservation of macadamias in the wild. The partnered companies are the first industry members in […]

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    Major Grant Enables Factory Expansion

    July 9, 2013

    Macadamia Processing Company Limited (MPC), announced today it has secured a $1.484 million grant through the Australian Government’s Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program* to fund major energy-efficient upgrades and expansion to its factory macadamia nut drying system. When complete in 2014 the upgrades and expansion will reduce carbon emissions from the factory’s drying […]

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    Local Valla Grower Wins Quality Award

    January 16, 2013

    Local Valla growers Jim and Gwen Duncan have won the 2012 Macadamia Processing Company (MPC) Quality Award for their macadamias, at a recent ceremony held to mark the end of the macadamia growing season. The Duncans achieved the lowest internal discolouration levels for their macadamias – a key measure of quality. They competed against all […]

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    New Dehusking & Sorting System Gives Macadamia Growers Better Returns and Improves Quality

    June 12, 2012

    A new de-husking and sorting system that gives macadamia growers better returns per hectare, reduces their losses and improves the quality of macadamias for consumers, has been introduced by Macadamia Processing Company (MPC), Australia’s largest macadamia processor. Under the new system macadamia farmers can harvest, dehusk and deliver their macadamias immediately to the factory, with no on-farm […]

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    Macadamia Processing Company Ltd Acquires 50 per Cent of Consolidated Nuts (Aust.)

    April 11, 2011

    Australia’s largest processor of macadamia nuts, the Macadamia Processing Company (MPC), based near Lismore in northern NSW, has just joined forces with Consolidated Nuts (Aust.) Pty Ltd (CNA) in Queensland, with MPC acquiring 50 per cent of the company. CNA operates the only macadamia processing plant in the rapidly-growing macadamia region of Bundaberg in southern […]

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    Macadamia Farmers Offered New Organic Service

    November 4, 2010

    Macadamia farmers offered new organic service Thursday 4th November 2010 MACADAMIA farmers wishing to convert to organic growing methods are being offered a new organic processing and marketing service, and assistance and advice from Australia’s largest macadamia nut processor, Macadamia Processing Company (MPC). MPC, which owns and operates one of the world’s largest macadamia processing […]

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    2009 Minister’s Award for Excellence

    October 25, 2009

    Australian Apprentices are at the kernel of Macadamia Processing Co. Ltd (MPC), the largest producer of macadamias in the world. More than 180 Australian macadamia growers in North Eastern New South Wales and South East Queensland own MPC. The company has about 190 employees. Seventy-three are newly graduated Australian Apprentices with Certificates II or III […]

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