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Macadamia Processing Company Ltd Acquires 50 per Cent of Consolidated Nuts (Aust.)

Australia’s largest processor of macadamia nuts, the Macadamia Processing Company (MPC), based near Lismore in northern NSW, has just joined forces with Consolidated Nuts (Aust.) Pty Ltd (CNA) in Queensland, with MPC acquiring 50 per cent of the company.

CNA operates the only macadamia processing plant in the rapidly-growing macadamia region of Bundaberg in southern Queensland, which is expected to produce about 40 per cent of Australia’s macadamia nuts within five years.

Together, the two regions of northern NSW and Bundaberg will account for about 80 per cent of Australia’s macadamia nuts by 2015.

“This significant investment means we are better able to provide our customers – in Australia and around the world, with a reliable, high-quality supply of macadamias, as well as providing our growers with better price stability long-term,” MPC Chairman Chris Ford said.

“At MPC we’re not just a processor – we have the goals, leadership and drive to ably steer the macadamia industry into the future,” Mr. Ford said.

“That’s what we are doing with this investment, and we believe our contribution enhances both companies’ reputation as quality players and leaders in the macadamia industry.”

The other half of Consolidated Nuts (Australia) continues to be owned by the Australianbased company Capital Commercial, which is owned by the largest growers of macadamia nuts in Australia. The company has substantial plantings at Hinkler Park Plantation in the Bundaberg region, Victoria Park Plantation in Northern NSW and Barberton Valley Plantation in the South African Province of Mpumalanga.

Macadamia marketing company

In addition, MPC and CNA have set up a new marketing company (with 50 per cent ownership each), to market the output from the MPC and CNA plants, as well as from other macadamia sources in Australia and around the world.

The company, called Macadamia Marketing International Pty Ltd, or MMI, will be headquartered at the MPC site at Alphadale near Lismore.

MMI aims to take a more coordinated approach to marketing with a longer-term view of the market. It plans to forge global alliances that will result in significant macadamia product lines and worldwide distribution channels.

“The scale of this marketing company and anticipated growth in sales will bring tangible benefits for both MPC and CNA shareholders and growers, and to the Australian industry as a whole” MPC General Manager Larry McHugh said.

State-Of-The-Art Processing Facility for Bundaberg

Construction is underway on a new, state-of-the-art processing factory and laboratory in Bundaberg. The new factory will enable CNA to service the growing Bundaberg macadamia industry – with production set to double from 10,000 tonnes per annum to 20,000 tonnes per annum in five years.

The factory is due to be completed later this year, with processing to begin in 2012. It is expected to process 5,000 tonnes of macadamias in its first year of operation. The new factory will provide an expanded processing service to Bundaberg growers and greater laboratory support. It will use the latest technology and equipment to lower processing costs, as well as to enhance the quality and value of the product.

The new factory will replace the existing CNA factory, located just outside Bundaberg, at Winfield. It is anticipated this factory will operate at full capacity during the current 2011 season.

About the Macadamia Processing Company Ltd (MPC)

MPC is a public unlisted company owned by more than 170 Australian macadamia growers. It was set up in 1983 when the macadamia industry began to take off on the NSW north coast and South East Queensland – the region where macadamia nut trees originate from. It has since become a global industry, with South Africa being Australia’s main competitor. MPC’s macadamia nut quality is regarded as one of the highest in the world. MPC is actively working to develop new value-added products and new markets for macadamias on the global stage.

At MPC we are never content to just sell to existing markets at commodity prices. Rather we forge global partnerships in value-added macadamia markets, constantly driving new distribution channels and higher prices for our growers. We are at the forefront in developing international macadamia markets across Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East and Australia.

Our diverse customers also encompass innovative macadamia products in the snack nut market, manufactured foods including ice cream, biscuits, confectionary and ready to eat meals, not to mention macadamia oil. If there is a quality macadamia market to be forged, we are there working hard to develop it alongside our global partners to get the best deal for our growers!

About Consolidated Nuts (Aust) Pty Ltd (CNA)

Consolidated Nuts (Aust) Pty Ltd trades as Pacific Gold Macadamias and sells bulk wholesale premium macadamia kernel in Australia, and internationally. Major current contracts have successfully extended into the American, Asian, Japanese, European and the Middle Eastern market sectors. We produce and sell Premium Raw and Premium Roasted Macadamia Kernel for bulk domestic and international sale.

CNA have the market assurance of being owned by the largest producer of macadamia nuts in the world, with some of our macadamia supply being sourced locally from over 2000 Hectares of orchards growing and located in the Bundaberg region, Queensland. This gives us a market advantage of premium annual supply with a substantial singular supply chain traceability advantage over all other processing facilities in Australia.