Pricing & Payment Summaries

MPC was established by a group of forward thinking growers to ensure they were in control of the processing and marketing of their crop. To this day the company still holds true to its ideal of returning profits to it’s grower suppliers, by distributing the proceeds of crop sales back to them via increased prices.

We are proud of our track record. Our offer to growers includes more than just a competitive price for nut-in-shell. Our delivery system reduces on farm losses – improving the ‘return to farm’ and our industry leading grower services help growers produce more crop.

Our efficient processing operation and professional marketing through Macadmaia Marketing International (MMI) helps to build long term sustainable demand and value for all of our supply chain partners.

Below is our Notional price, NIS supply “bonus” payment and Final price for the past 10 years. We are not only focused on achieving a great price for growers, but also ensuring they have cashflow to ensure their business works effectively. We are pleased to report that for the past 10 years we have paid the notional price in full by Christmas, ensuring strong cashflow for our growers.

Year Notional Price ($/kg)* NIS Supply “Bonus” ($/kg) Final Price ($/kg)
2008 $1.60 $0.15 $1.75
2009 $2.25 $0.07 $2.32
2010 $2.55 $0.15 $2.70
2011 $3.00 $0.30 $3.30
2012 $3.10 $0.15 $3.25
2013 $2.90 $0.15 $3.5
2014 $3.50 $0.15 $3.65
2015 $4.70 $0.30 $5.00
2016 $5.20 $0.30 $5.50
2017 $5.20 $0.30 $5.50

*This is at the industry standard of 33% saleable kernel recovery, 3% reject kernel recover and 10% Moisture Content. The NIS Bonus is a flat rate payment, based on the quantity of Nut-in-shell received at 10% MC and meeting the minimum useable kernel recovery of 18%.

Shareholder dividends

MPC continues to pay strong dividends to its shareholders. The payments made are fully franked per share and these payments demonstrate the company’s commitment to reward growers who have invested in the company.

Year Dividend per share (fully franked)
2010 $0.10
2011 $0.15
2012 $0.15
2013 $0.25
2014 $0.15
2015 $0.25
2016 $0.30
2017 $0.30
7 year total $1.65