2020 Price Offer

We welcome all growers to supply Marquis Macadamias and experience the benefits we have to offer

We are very pleased to announce our 2020 season notional NIS price and believe it reflects the benefits we are achieving from bringing our companies together:

  • Conventional NIS $6.00/kg
  • Organic NIS $6.50/kg
  • Organic-In-Conversion NIS $6.20/kg

All at 33% Saleable Kernel Recovery, 3% Reject Kernel Recovery and 10% NIS moisture content. These are notional prices and all deliveries are subject to the Marquis Macadamias Terms and Conditions of Nut In Shell Purchase 2020.

Our 2020 offer includes:

  • Commercial grade at Premium prices
  • No reject penalties
  • A Quality bonus for low reject levels of up to 30c per Kg at 0% RKR
  • Free dehusking and sorting for deliveries with up to 10% NIH and 5% Gross Rejects delivered to our Lismore Factory
  • A radius based freight subsidy
  • 50% upfront payment, 2 weeks from the week of delivery
  • Anticipated final payment to the notional price by Christmas (cash flow allowing)

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The Macadamia Processing Company has recently changed its name to Marquis Macadamias and our marketing company has changed name from Macadamia Marketing International to Marquis Marketing. As of 1st April the business and assets of Pacific Gold Macadamias will be transferred into Marquis Macadamias. This will bring the two largest processors in the industry under the one corporate entity and will allow us to take advantage of economies of scale and share services, reducing costs and provide ongoing benefits to our growers. NIS delivered to the Bundaberg and Lismore factories in 2020 will be purchased by Marquis Macadamias.

Marquis Marketing will continue to concentrate on developing new markets and products to help ensure growers remain profitable as the world crop grows. The strategic partnerships we have formed with processors across the globe are providing us with market opportunities that are delivering value for both us and our market partners.

After a difficult growing season, I’m pleased to say another harvest season is upon us and I can advise that Marquis Macadamias outlook for the industry remains positive. The dry weather of the growing season has been a concern but considering all factors we anticipate the crop quantity and quality to be reasonable.

The demand globally for our high quality products continues with many customers seeking prompt shipment of 2020  kernel and nut-in-shell (NIS) to ensure their products keep up with strong consumer demand.

Quality Bonus for low Rejects

Our quality bonus is designed to reward growers who produce high quality macadamias through the additional efforts they put into orchard management.  We still encourage growers to harvest and move the product through to the factory as soon as possible as this ensures the highest quality and the highest return per hectare. Our research shows that holding NIS on farm for resorting in an effort to achieve a quality bonus often does not improve returns as it results in the loss of saleable kernel which offsets any gains from a quality bonus.

Payment terms

We understand the value of cash-flow to growers. To assist growers with their expenses, we continue to offer a significant first payment.  All acceptable NIS deliveries will receive 50% of the consignments value as an upfront payment, 2 weeks from the end of the week of delivery (less levy and dehusking charges where applicable).

The progress payment schedule will be forwarded later in the season, but it is anticipated it will be similar to previous years with progress payments commencing in July and final payment to the notional price by Christmas.

Freight subsidy

Marquis Macadamias will once again pay a freight subsidy as part of the NIS payment system.  This payment will be made to all growers, regardless of whether you use a contract carrier or cart NIS yourself. The amount to be paid will be radius based, based on the distance of your farm from the factory you are delivering to (Bundaberg or Lismore) or the Marquis Macadamias depot you use.

Radius from depot Rate per kg NIS @ 10%MC
0-50km 3.0c
50-100km 3.7c
100km+ 6.0c

The freight rebate will be paid as part of your NIS payments.

2020 Dehusking arrangements

Northern NSW

This season we will again have dehusking services available for growers through the Summerland House Farm (HWNS) and Nimungi Pastoral Dehusking Service.


We are pleased to announce that we will have dehusking services available through Macadamia Enterprises. This state-of-the-art processing shed has systems in place to allow rapid throughput and ensure high quality is preserved.

The dehusking capacity of these facilities is limited, so please contact your local Marquis Macadamias grower liaison officer to discuss your needs for the season.

Grower Services

With the growth in growers supplying Marquis Macadamias we are pleased to announce some changes to our grower services team. Our focus is to ensure we have people available to assist you in all issues related to macadamia production by appointing people with strong technical skills in agricultural production systems.

In Bundaberg we have appointed Simon Andreoli to work with growers in that region. Simon’s appointment is a reflection of our commitment to the growth in production in the region. Simon has a wealth of experience in horticulture, having worked in the Bundaberg region for many years and I’m sure he would be well known to many of you.

In NSW we have appointed Karina Griffin and Matt Weinert to our grower services team. Both Karina and Matt have strong backgrounds in agriculture and are available to assist you with all issues related to the production of macadamias. They will join Mark Whitten in our NSW grower services team.

Kevin Quinlan will be responsible for the overall delivery of grower services across QLD and NSW.

Why Marquis Macadamias?

  • Higher returns per Ha.
  • You are paid more at the critical time of the year;
  • We have a strong commercial focus yet we exist purely to benefit growers;
  • The combination of higher returns per hectare, fast payments and great price result in industry leading returns for our growers;
  • We have over 35 years of experience and a track record of delivering for growers
  • We are 100% Grower owned and are focused on making more money for our growers.

On behalf of the Marquis Macadamias team we wish you all the best for the 2020 harvest season and we look forward to continuing the strong partnership we have with growers through the year.

To find out more call Marquis Macadamias Lismore on 02 6624 3900 or Bundaberg on 07 4155 9733

To View our price Tables Click on the following links:

We welcome all growers to supply Marquis Macadamias and experience the benefits we have to offer