Company Overview

MPC was established by a group of 4 macadamia growers in 1983 and has grown to be wholly owned by over 180 macadamia grower shareholders. We processes between 10-13,000 metric tonnes of macadamia nuts annually (approx 20-30% of the Australian crop) in our state of the art factory located near Lismore on the Northern Rivers NSW. Our supply comes from orchards located in Northern New South wales and South East Queensland, which is the evolutionary home of the macadamia tree.

As a grower owned company we have the best interests of the industry as a core value. We are focused on delivering for our supply chain partners (both customers and growers) to ensure that the macadamia industry remains viable and profitable for all industry participants.

We recognise that our macadamia growers need to achieve economically viable returns to their orchards and our customers require great tasting, food safe macadamia products to drive consumption at consumer level. MPC is uniquely positioned to influence these supply chain objectives and whilst our track record speaks for itself we are always looking for opportunities to help both growers and customers improve the value proposition that we offer.

It’s not only great macadamia products, but world class services and reliability that sets MPC apart from the competition.

We are confident about the long term future of our industry and have continually invested in strategies and new technology to lower processing costs, improve the quality of macadamia kernel and to improve returns to all industry participants which is demonstrated in the investments below:

  • In 2011 MPC acquired a 50% interest in Pacific Gold Macadamias (PGM) which operates from a newly constructed $12 million processing facility in Bundaberg, Queensland. PGM is now Australia’s second largest processor behind MPC.
  • In conjunction with PGM, MPC has established Macadamia Marketing International (MMI) which is the worlds largest marketer of macadamias with a 2015/16 turnover of $146 million.
  • In 2012 MPC introduced a new NIS receivals system that reduced on farm costs and the loss of saleable kernel by growers and has improved the quality of kernel reaching end consumers.
  • In 2013 MPC received a $1.484 million grant through the Australian Government’s Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program to fund major energy-efficient upgrades and expansion to the macadamia nut drying system. The recently completed $4.454 million project has reduced carbon emissions from the factory’s macadamia drying system by 97% and saves approximately $800,000 annually through reduced energy consumption and the reduced need for off-site storage of nuts during the harvest season.
  • In 2015 MPC became the first macadamia processor in the world to install a validated 5 log salmonella kill step through the installation of a Napasol pasteurization machine.

Whether you are a grower, customer or consumer you can be assured that MPC is the best processor for all of your macadamia needs.