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A Decade of Price Increases

A Decade of NIS bonus payments was announced by Chairman Chris Ford at the Christmas party on Friday night with an additional $0.30/kg payment to be made for all deliveries for the 2017 season.

This brings the final prices for 2017 to:

    • $5.50kg for conventional NIS
    • $6.80/kg for Organic NIS
    • $5.80/kg for Organic-in-Conversion NIS

All at the industry standard of 33% saleable kernel recovery, 3% reject kernel recovery and 10% NIS moisture content.

Whilst each year presents its unique set of challenges it also provides us with an opportunity to improve on our performance and achievements as a business. In summary MPC’s 2017 report card looks pretty good as we continue to deliver on our growers expectations.

2017 report card:

  • paid an industry leading price
  • paid to full notional price by Christmas, now 10 years in a row and progress payments paid on-time
  • shared company profits through bonus NIS payment, now 10 years in a row
  • dividend of $0.30/share fully franked paid in August 2017. ($1.65/share over the last 8 years)
  • savings in orchard inputs through the MPC buying group
  • we help you grow and deliver more crop
  • professional marketing through MMI, supporting both the kernel and NIS markets