MPC 2016 Price

2016 Pricing Offer

MPC is pleased to advise that the outlook for the 2016 season is positive. In general, reports are for solid crops in all growing regions due to favourable weather conditions during the growing season. Growers have been making the most of the recent fine weather with pre-harvest clean-ups already completed in most orchards.

The demand globally for MPC’s high quality products continues. Our customers report there is strong consumer demand for our products as they continue to deliver great eating experiences. The Australian dollar has dropped almost 10% against the $US since this time last year, which is helping returns from our export markets.

MMI’s approach to marketing continues to be focused on a balanced approach between the Kernel and In Shell trade. The MMI team is continuing to build supply chain relationships with kernel and nut-in-shell customers who share in our ideology of sustainable markets and value chains around the world.

MPC has, and always will support the kernel market. We believe it is critical to ensure we have a strong and vibrant kernel market. Past experience has shown that a balanced spread of markets is critical to ensure long term stability in the industry. We will again be supplying some NIS to the Chinese market but will balance this with our strong commitment to the kernel market.

I’m pleased to announce that MPC’s 2016 Notional prices are:

Our 2016 offer includes:

Our pricing is simple and transparent – our price table steps are equal (up and down by KR%) and through our grower friendly lab we pay you for all of your saleable kernel. We promote only a 33% SKR and 3% Reject KR price as this is the long term published industry average. Whilst other processors may promote 33,2,1 prices or the highest valued consignment, our commitment is to honesty and integrity which are cornerstones of our business.

Our focus remains the ‘Return to Farm’ concept, which not only includes an attractive price per kilogram, but a system that allows you to deliver more of your crop and reduce your costs and workload on-farm. MPC’s sorting system guarantees to remove only 100% reject NIS so you get the maximum value for your entire crop.

Remember, you don’t have to be a shareholder to supply MPC

To discuss how you can take advantage of this offer, please contact Kevin Quinlan 0408 243 028 or Jim Patch 0427 243 900 today.

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MPC installs world-first food safety technology: Macadamia Pasteurizer

The clean, green and safe reputation of MPC’s macadamia nuts has been further enhanced with the installation of a new $1.7 million pasteuriser. MPC recently installed the industry-leading food safety technology from Europe to ensure consumers have the best tasting macadamia experience that is also safe.

“Food safety is paramount in our business,” said MPC General Manager Steve Lee. “We have never had a food safety scare at MPC and have spent a lot of time and effort to find the best food safety technology suitable for use on the delicate macadamia kernel at a commercial scale.”

The pasteurising system uses only heat and steam to treat the kernel under precise pressure conditions; it is a non-chemical treatment and importantly doesn’t impact on the taste or texture of our product.

MPC is the first macadamia processor in the world to successfully install this type of machine in its processing line ensuring a massive reduction of microorganisms that may cause food-borne illness. (>5 log reduction of salmonella). As an example, MPC’s new pasteuriser lowers the number of salmonella microorganisms by 100,000-fold.

There have been some well publicised food-borne illnesses in other food products nationally and internationally, involving organisms like Salmonella and E coli.

“ At MPC, we are committed to taking every step needed to ensure this doesn’t happen with our product – and that consumers have a safe and rewarding experience eating our nut products,” Steve Lee said.

“Consumers rightly have a high expectation about the quality and integrity of the food they consume and this investment shows MPC’s commitment to meet this expectation.

“MPC are also protecting our grower suppliers from flow-on effects of the potential cost and damage of a product recall that can run into the millions. The installation of the new pasteuriser protects our consumers as well as insulating our growers from this risk.”

2015 Final Price

MPC is pleased to announce an increase to the notional NIS price of $0.30/kg. This brings our final price for 2015 to $5.00/kg at 33% saleable kernel recovery. This is a record price and comes on the back of a good crop and good quality.

This increase now makes it eight years in a row that MPC has increased the final price to growers and the eighth year in a row where we have paid the full notional price before Christmas.

MPC has worked hard over the past five years to develop and implement a strategic plan that has focused on improving all aspects of business performance. The changes to our receivals system, removal of reject penalties, development of state of the art drying facilities, kernel sorting equipment upgrades and setting a long term marketing strategy in place have all come together to deliver significant benefits. But it won’t stop there, we will continue to implement changes to ensure your long term viability.

A balanced approach to marketing is essential – we have always supported the kernel market and will continue to do so as we believe it offers us many benefits. The Chinese market is important (for both kernel and NIS), there is strong demand and with the introduction of the Free Trade Agreement it is likely to continue to grow. But the growth needs to come in a way that is sustainable. The product supplied needs to be good quality and the manufacturers and retailers need to be educated in the intricacies of macadamias. MPC and MMI have used this model to grow a strong kernel customer base and it is now stronger than ever. Our diversified marketing strategy is focused on delivering the best returns to growers not only now, but also into the future.

The research on the health benefits of nuts is helping to drive demand. The demand is for healthy and nutritious foods – and macadamias fit the bill perfectly. This strong demand from traditional and new markets means the 2015 crop is fully committed and the outlook for 2016 is for this strong demand to continue.

The growth of supply to MPC has been good, however we would gladly welcome more growers and additional supply. Increasing supply allows us to continue maximising our positive influence in the markets and returning company profits back to growers. Finally, we would like to thank you for your support during 2015 and wish you and your family all the best for Christmas. We look forward to another successful season in 2016.

To find out how to get the best returns from your macadamia crop, call Kevin Quinlan or Jim Patch on 02 6624 3900

Welcome to Macadamia Processing Co. Limited (MPC)

Australian macadamias are one of the natural health foods indigenous to Australia and processing of the in shell nuts at the modern factory of MPC at Alphadale in Northern New South Wales produces the world’s finest quality wholesale macadamias for the ingredient and retail markets around the world.

MPC owns and operates one of the world’s largest macadamia processing facilities. Our International Macadamias Limited (IML) branded products are marketed by Macadamia Marketing International (MMI) which is known internationally for quality product, excellent service and timely delivery to customers, both large and small.

MPC is also a major shareholder in Pacific Gold Macadamias which is situated in the Bundaberg growing region of Queensland. The two factories process over 42% of the Australian crop and continue to grow market share.

MPC is wholly owned by over 180 Australian macadamia growers in North Eastern New South Wales and South Eastern Queensland. The company processes approximately 25% of the annual Australian crop.

Our orchards are located on Australia's east coast in some of Australia's most beautiful rainforest and subtropical environments. This is the area where macadamias, which are native to Australia, were first discovered.

Macadamias are a delicious, natural, healthy food which should be part of your balanced diet. They contain the highest levels of monounsaturated fat – the "good fat" - of all nuts as well as a wide range of vitamins, minerals, beneficial antioxidants, protein and fibre but contain no cholesterol; all of which help to keep you in good shape. For more information on the good health aspects of Australian macadamias visit the following link: Health & Nutrition Page.

Our processing facility produces around 15% of the world's macadamia kernel and our quality is the highest in the world today (please see our Quality & Food Safety Page to find out why).

Offering full traceability from the grower to you, we pride ourselves on the fact that, through technological advantage and economies of scale, we develop products and quality specifications that exactly match our customers needs.

We constantly strive to be the best and we welcome you to explore the pages in this website (or Contact Us) to learn more about our company and products and how they can benefit you.

Using Shell to Dry Macadamia crop

In 2014 MPC completed extensive upgrades to its drying capabilities. The upgrade started in 2013 with modifications being made to the existing final stage drying room, where the nuts are dried down in preparation for cracking. This was followed by the construction of a new energy-efficient drying building with capacity to store and dry 1,600t of macadamia nuts. Now completed it is the largest facility of its type for macadamias in the world.

Drying Room Exterior

The new state of the art fully insulated drying room

The upgrades and expansion have reduced carbon emissions from the factory’s drying system by 99.6% and save an estimated $810,000 through reduced energy consumption and the reduced need for off-site storage of nuts during the busy harvest season.

The $4.5 million project was partially funded by a $1.484 million grant through the Australian Government’s Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program to fund major energy-efficient upgrades and expansion to our macadamia nut drying system.

The AusIndustry grant has helped us achieve a significant reduction in our energy and storage costs which will allow us to return more money to our growers. By using energy efficient systems we are helping to drive an environmentally sustainable macadamia industry.

Both rooms are insulated to prevent heat loss and computer controlled to ensure optimized drying without energy wastage. A macadamia shell fuelled boiler provides the heat for drying – a renewable fuel source that replaced the existing LPG system and further reduce MPC’s drying costs.

Boiler Fire

The new shell fuelled boiler that provides all of the drying energy for MPC. This has cut carbon emissions by 99.6%.

Our primary aim is to provide the highest quality macadamia kernel to our customers around the world whilst improving returns to our growers. This new drying system will work well with our plans to grow the macadamia industry in Australia in a stable and sustainable way to ensure the long term viability of the industry.


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