Welcome to the Macadamia Processing Company (MPC). We are a macadamia processor that is focused on providing the highest quality macadamias to customers and consumers world wide. MPC’s wholesale products are available through our Marketing Company, Macadamia Marketing International (MMI) and retail products are available through this website or directly from our factory door.

We are committed to ensuring the long term sustainability of our industry by providing customers with the highest quality macadamias and growers with strong prices, innovative services and excellent advice.

Owned By Growers

MPC was established by a group of 4 macadamia growers in 1983 and has grown to be wholly owned by over 160 macadamia grower shareholders. We processes between 10-13,000 metric tonnes of macadamia nuts annually (approx 20-30% of the Australian crop) in our state of the art factory located near Lismore on the Northern Rivers NSW. Our supply comes from orchards located in Northern New South wales and South East Queensland, which is the evolutionary home of the macadamia tree.

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Unique to Australia

Our grower's and their orchards are located on Australia's east coast in some of the most beautiful rainforest and subtropical environments. This is the area where macadamias, which are native to Australia, were first discovered.

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Healthy & Delicious

Macadamias contain the highest levels of monounsaturated fat (the "good fat") of all nuts, as well as a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as protein and fibre, but contain no cholesterol. Macadamias are a delicious, healthy, natural food.

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Quality & Food Safety

At MPC we concentrate on quality. Our quality systems aim to provide the customer with product that meets or exceeds their specification and is delivered on time every time.

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